The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

My hert is ~et to ~yng

Source: Edward Bliss Reed, ed., Christmas Carols Printed in the 16th Century Including Kele's Christmas Carolles Newly Inprynted. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1932).

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Also in a Middle English font: As I went this enders day

Psallemus cantantes

Domino noua cantica dantes

Cum canore iubilo

Et tibi di~cipulo

Oui ex priuilegio

Preceteris a domino

Dilectus es

Amice chri~ti Johannes

My hert is ~et to ~yng

That all this worlde ~hall ryng

Reioyfull be and glad withall

Of the hygh memoryall

Whome it plea~ed Chry~t to call

Of his grace e~pecyall

To his hyghnes

    Amice. &c.


Syttyng at his berde

He ~hewed the a preuy touche

A touche of famylyaryte

On his bre~t he ~uffred the

In thy ~lepe ~ecretes to ~e

Of his gloryous deite

For heuynes

    Amice. &c.


In his tender aege

He cho~e the to his pay

His paramour of loue entyer

Not for y^ yu was of his blode ~o nere

But that next his moder dere

In cha~tyte thou had no pere

And ~tedfa~tnes

    Amice chri~ti Johannes.


Whan he ~holde departe

He bade the kepe the care

The carefulle~t creature

His mother, y^ ~he myght be ~ure

Whyle that her lyfe ~holde endure

One mayde to haue another in cure

For thy clennes

    Amice chri~ti. &c.


So at his de~yre

Thou kept her fro the my~chefe

The my~cheuous retenu

Of them that ~lewe thy lorde Je~u

That no fyers nor cruell iewe

In one wy~e ~holde her per~ewe

Or her oppres

    Amice. &c.


But at his dy~ce~~e

She fell into the gre

The greate~t heuynes and we

That ony creature myght do

In ly we wy~e thy ~elf al~o

I knowe not the deadlyer of them two

In that dy~tres

    Amice chri~ti Johannes.


I meruayle not y wys

Though thou ha~t cau~e to cry

Pyteou~ly to mourne and playne

To ~e thy naturall co~yn ~layne

His mother hygh de~traught for payn

That made thy hert to ryue in twayn

For neuynes

    Amice chri~ti Johannes.


Who could be ~o harde herted

To ~e how ~he fared.

How ~he ~obbed whan ~he dyde wepe

With ~orowfull lokes & ~yghes depe

Thou coude thy ~elf no longer kepe

But ~odeynly fell in a deadly ~lepe

All confortles

    Amice chri~ti Johannes.


Now Chry~tes co~yn dere

Helpe that I be fre

Be fre and true inherytour

To his cele~ty all tour

Where thou beholde~t in euery hour

The glory of thy fauyour

That neuer ~hall ceas

    Amice. &c.


Fynally I the be~eche

To teache me to make a brefe

A brefe and a redy way to amend

In that y^ I dyde my lorde offend

That to his grace he wyll me lende

After this pre~ent lyfe he me ~end

Euerla~tyng peas

    Amice. &c.


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