The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

As I went this enders day

For Christmas

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Middle English; retyped in Old Blackletter

(Damage) our Lady and her sonne

Alone alone alone alone
Sore I sygh and all for one

As I went this enders day
Alone walkyng on my play
I harde a lady syng and say
Woo is me and all alone
    Alone alone. etc.

To that place I drew me nere
Of her songe somwhat to here
There sat a lady with sory chere
That sore dyd sygh and grone
    Alone alone. etc.

Beholde my sonne crowned w thorne
And all his body rent and torne
Put to deth with shame and skorne
For mannes sake alone.
    Alone alone. etc.

For so the it was a wonderous syght
To se her chylde how it was dyght
For to brynge mankynde so (damaged)
To saue vs from our fone

    Alone alone. etc.

Sythe it wyll no better be
Pray we to that chylde so free
That we may hym in heuyn se
What we shall hens gone
    Alone alone alone alone
Sore I sygh and all for one


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