The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Virgo Dei genitrix - Advent

For Advent at Compline

Compare: Virgo Dei genitrix - Marian

Translation: “O Virgin Mother of God,” etc.

Source: Brevarium Parisiense, Pars Hiemalis [Paris Breviary, Winter] (Paris, 1736), p. 141.

Virgo Dei génitrix, Quem totus non capit orbis,
In tua se clausit viscera, factus homo.

Hinc méritò dicent te sécula cuncta beatam:
Hinc pópuli matrem te dominamque colunt.

Súscipe quos pía plebs tibi péndere certat honóres:
Annue sollícitâ quam prece poscity, opem.

Glória magna Patri; comparsit glória Nato;
Ambórum tibi par, Spiritus alme, decus. Amen.


Other hymns during Advent at Compiline:

A musical setting in four parts for this hymn can be seen at the IMSLP, Virgo Dei Genitrix (Anonymous). The public domain setting is a reproduction of the setting originally found in Erhart Oeglin's Liederbuch (1512). The setting was found in Publikation älterer praktischer und theoretischer Musik-Werke, Bd.9 (Berlin: Leo Liepmannssohn and M. Bahn, 1880), pp. 68-73.

No English translation was located for this version of the hymn. The other version that is seen is in tribute of the Virgin Mary, and is sung during the liturgy for Her Nativity. This version shares only the first verse with the above version. See Virgo Dei genitrix - Marian.

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