The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Songs of Syon

George Radcliffe Woodward, ed., Songs of Syon (London: Schott & Co., Third Edition, 1908)

The title comes from Psalm 137; Woodward's translation (#306):

An Wasserflusten Babylon

Beside the flood of Babylon
    We sate us down in sorrow;
Whenas we thought on thee, Syón,
    We wept by night and morrow;
Our psalteries and harps unstrung
Upon the willow-trees we hung:
    Our masters, void of pity,
(That led us captive) oft would call
Upon us for a madrigal,
    A song of Syon-city.

The Lord’s own song—it cannot be
    That Jacob’s sons and daughters
Make musick in a strange countrie
    By sad Euphrates’ waters:
O Salem, if my mind be set
On mirth, let this right hand forget
    Her cunning ever after:
My tongue unto her palate cleave,
If once for thee I cease to grieve,
    Or tears give place to laughter.


Table of Contents

Not all contents of this volume are reproduced on this website.
Selections are limited to songs related to Christmas or the Christmas-tide.

Advent, Christmas, Epiphany

1. Creator Of The Stars Of Night

2. To Earth Descending, Word Sublime

3. Hark! A Gladsome Voice Is Thrilling

4. Comes The Day Of Compensation

5. Up! Awake! From Highest Steeple

6. Make Broad The Path

7. Awful Thought Of Endless Doom

8. Draw Nigh, Draw Nigh, Emmanuel

9. Wake! The Welcome Day Appeareth

10. Lo! The Desert-Depths Are Stirr'd

11. In Night's Dim Shadows Lying

12. Storm And Terror, Grief And Error

13. The Lord Of Might From Sinai's Brow

14. The Coming Of Our God

15. Saviour Of The Nations, Come

16. We Have Heard The Solemn Story

17. Whilst The Careless World Is Sleeping

18. Come, Thou Redeemer Of The Earth

19. Toll! Toll! Because There Ends To-night

20. Jesu The Fathers Only Son

21. From Lands That See The Sun Arise

22. Of The Father Sole Begotten

23. Come, Ye Faithful, Loud Exalt

24. Hail! Jesu Christ, Blessed For Aye

25. Every Creature, By Thee Made

26. In The Ending Of The Year

27. Let Sighing Cease And Woe

28. The Son Of God Came Down In Love

29. A Great and Mighty Wonder

30. Good Christian Men, Rejoice Agen

31. The Shepherds Keep Their Flocks By Night

32. Ah! Lord God, The World's Creator

33. I Sing The Birth Was Born To-Night

34. Bright and Joyful Is The Morning

35. When Jordan Hushed His Waters Still

36. Why, Impious Herod, Vainly Fear

37. Bethlehem, of Noblest Cities

38. What Star Is This With Beams So Bright

39. Jesu, Bright And Morning Star

40. Alleluya, Song Of Sweetness

41. Ye Patriarchs And Ancient Sires

42. When The Harping Seraphim

The Common Of Our Lady

209. Star Of Ocean Fairest

210. The God Whom Earth, And Sea, And Sky

211. O Glorious Lady, Throned On High

212. Sing We 'Ave,' Word Endearing

213. Virgin, Wholly Marvellous

214. I Know A Plant, It Springeth

215. Virgin-Born! We Bow Before Thee

216. Ave Maria! Blessed Maid!

217. When Closing Was The Night Of Earth

The Proper of the Saints

240. The Lord And King Of All Things (For S. Stephen)

242. All Hail Ye Infant Martyr Flowers (Feast of the Innocents)

244. Ave! Mary, Full Of Grace

245. Mary, That Mother Mild

246. Hail Mary, Star Of Morning

247. 'Ave Maria, Gracia Plena!'

248. Hark! The Angel Greets The Maiden

252. O For Thy Spirit, Holy John (For the Nativity of S. John The Baptist)

253. Hail, O Thou, Of Woman Born (For the Nativity of S. John The Baptist)

254. From The Desert-Caverns Rude (For the Nativity of S. John The Baptist)

255. When To Thee Our Saviour Christ (For the Nativity of S. John The Baptist)

257. Our Lady Took The Road (For the Visitation Of Our Lady)

258. Pure Maid Of Nazareth (For the Visitation Of Our Lady)


422. Shepherds, In The Field Abiding

423. Saint Joseph, Meek And Mild

424. Descend From Heav'n, Ye Angels, Com

425. 'Tis Our Right And Bounden Duty

426. I Heard An Infant Weeping

427. Wo, Jesu, Is Me

428. Stars Of The Morning!

429. There Is A Plant, Of Noble Form And Hue

430. King Jesus Hath A Garden

431. In Heaven, In Heaven So Great Is The Joy





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