The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Festival Service of Nine Lessons And Appropriate Music

For The Seasons of the Church's Year

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1934



By The Very Reverend the Dean of Winchester

I am glad to have the opportunity of writing a few words of introduction to this Form of Festival Service. Those who have had experience in preparing Forms of Service for Diocesan Church Festivals and similar occasions know how difficult it is to meet the various needs which have to be supplied. The service itself, for instance, must have sufficient structure to make it a real act of worship and teaching, and not simply a programme; while the music must be such as to whet the ambition, and yet not overtax the resources, of quite simple village choirs. These are the aims of this Festival Book, and I hope and believe that it will be found to be really helpful. The structure of the service obviously owes much to the Festival of Nine Carols and Lessons which King's College, Cambridge, gives us each Christmas-time; and it is adapted here to embrace all the seasons of the Church's year, so that the choirs which take part may feel that they are bringing to the Festival an offering in which the work of each season is represented. Our great Cathedrals call for the voice of prayer and praise to be uplifted within their walls from every corner of the diocese they serve; and echoes should come answering back from many a parish church, where a group of choirs gather for Festivals of more local range in towns or rural deaneries.

The Form here submitted is obviously capable of plentiful variation in detail; and, should it commend itself in principle, the Winchester Diocesan Choral Association would hope to prepare further series on similar lines.

E.G. Selwyn.

The Deanery,
        February 1934.


Note From The Programme:

This Festival Service Book was designed primarily for the use of the Winchester Diocesan Choral Association, and edited by Dr. Harold Rhodes, organist of Winchester Cathedral. It can be readily adapted to the use of other Dioceses, by utilising the cover for whatever other matter may be desired. All inquiries should be addressed to the Publisher.

Order of Service

Processional Hymn:All creatures of our God and King
Advent:LessonIsaiah xl, 1-11
 HymnWake, O Wake! With Tidings Thrilling
Christmas:LessonS Matthew i, 18-25
 CarolA Child This Day Is Born, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw
Epiphany:LessonS Matthew ii, 1-11
 CarolHow Brightly Beams the Morning Star
Lent:LessonS Matthew iv, 1-11
 AnthemHide not Thou Thy face, Farrant
Passiontide:LessonS Mark xv, 33-38
 HymnAh, holy Jesu, how has Thou offended
 or, HymnO Sacred Head, sore wounded
Easter:LessonS John xx, 1-10
 AnthemThe strife is o'er,* H. G. Ley
Ascension:LessonActs i, 1-12
 HymnThe Lord ascendeth up on high
 or, Psalm 24The earth is the Lord's
Whitsuntide:LessonActs ii, 1-11
 AnthemIf ye love me, Tallis
Trinity:LessonRevelation iv
 Hymn-AnthemO worship the King, C. Hylton Stewart
Final Psalm:Psalm 150O praise God in His holiness
The Blessing  

* Words by Miss M. F. Pott.

Editor's Note:

The original edition included the lyrics and music for all hymns, carols, anthems, and psalms. Additional texts and music will be provided shortly.

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