The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Words: Carolyn Hillman
Vocal Recording: MP3 / OGG

Source: William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. (1878–1962).  Anthology of Massachusetts Poets.  1922.
Located at Wreaths,
Accessed November 16, 2006

RED wreaths    
Hang in my neighbor’s window,    
Green wreaths in my own.    
On this day I lost my husband.    
On this day you lost your boy.
On this day    
Christ was born.    
Red wreaths,    
Green wreaths    
Hang in Our Windows
Red for a bleeding heart,    
Green for grave grass.    
Mary, mother of Jesus,    
Look down and comfort us.    
You too knew passion;
You too knew pain.    
Comfort us,    
Who are not brides of God,    
Nor bore God.    
On Christmas day
Hang wreaths,    
Red for new pain.    
Green for spent passion.

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