The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Anonymous, from Wright's Songs and Carols

Source: Harrison S. Morris, ed., In The Yule-Log Glow--Book 3; Christmas Poems from 'round the World. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1900, pp. 132-133. Project Gutenberg eText # 20586.

_Tyrle, Tyrle, so Merrily the Shepherds began to Blow._

About the field they piped full right,
Even about the midst of the night;
Adown from heaven they saw come a light,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

Of angels there came a company
With merry songs and melody,
The shepherds anon gan them espy,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

_Gloria in excelsis_ the angels sung,
And said how peace was present among,
To every man that to the faith would 'long,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

The shepherds hied them to Bethlehem
To see that blessed sun's beam;
And there they found that glorious stream,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

Now pray we to that meek Child,
And to his mother that is so mild,
The which was never defiled,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

That we may come unto his bliss,
Where joy shall never miss;
That we may sing in Paradise,
_Tyrle, tyrle._

I pray you all that be here
For to sing and make good cheer,
In the worship of God this year,
_Tyrle, tyrle._


See: Thomas Wright, Songs and Carols. The Percy Society, 1847; Table of Contents

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