The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The King of Men


Words: Behemb, 1616.
Trans. Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878)

See: Christmas Poetry of Catherine Winkworth

Source: Lyra Germanica: Second Series, The Christian Life, 1858

O King of Glory! David's Son!
    Our Sovereign and our Friend!
In Heaven for ever stands Thy throne,
    Thy kingdom hath no end:
Oh now to all men, far and near,
    Lord, make it known, we pray,
That as in heaven all creatures here
    May know Thee and obey.

The Eastern sages gladly bring
    Their tribute-gifts to Thee;
They witness that Thou art their King,
    And humbly bow the knee;
To Thee the Morning Star doth lead,
    To Thee th' inspired Word,
We hail Thee, Saviour in our need,
    We worship Thee, the Lord.

Ah look on me with pitying grace,
    Though week and poor I be,
Within Thy kingdom grant a place
    Secure and blest to me.
Oh rescue me from all my woes,
    And shield me with Thine arm
From Sin and Death, the mighty foes
    That daily seek our harm.

And bid Thy Word, the fairest Star,
    Within us clearly shine;
Keep sin and all false doctrine far,
    Since Thou hast claim'd us Thine:
Let us Thy name aright confess,
    And with Thy Christendom,
Our King and Saviour own and bless
    Through all the world to come.

Note: "The hymns in this series have been chosen from various sources, most of them being such as would be found in any standard collection. The greater number, however, are taken from [Christian Karl Josias] Bunsen's 'Versuch eines allgemeinen Gesang und Gebet buchs'  [1833]..."

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