The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Morning

Edwin Waugh

Source: Edwin Waugh, Poems and Lancashire Songs. Second Edition. (London: Whitaker, 1861), p. 118.

Christmas Morning.


COME all you weary wanderers,
Beneath the wintry sky;
This day forget your worldly cares,
And lay your sorrows by;
Awake, and sing
The church bells ring;
For this is Christmas morning!


With grateful hearts salute the morn,
And swell the streams of song,
That laden with great joy are borne,
The willing air along;
The tidings thrill
With right good will;
For this is Christmas morning!


We'll twine the fresh green holly wreath,
And make the yule-log low;
And gather gaily underneath
The winking mistletoe;
All blithe and bright
By the glad fire-light;
For this is Christmas morning!


Come, sing the carols old and true,
That mind us of good cheer,
And, like a heavenly fall of dew,
Revive the drooping year;
And fill us up
A wassail-cup ;
For this is Christmas morning!


To all poor souls we I strew the feast,
With kindly heart, and free;
One Father owns us, and, at least,
To-day we'll brothers be;
Away with pride,
This holy tide ;
For it is Christmas morning!


So now, God bless us one and all
With hearts and hearthstones warm
And may He prosper great and small,
And keep us out of harm;
And teach us still,
His sweet good-will,
This merry Christmas morning!


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