The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Carol

Edwin Waugh

Source: Waugh's Complete Works, Vol. 10 (Poems and Songs) (Manchester: John Heywood, 1883), p. 29-31

Christmas Carol


LONG time ago, in Palestine,
Upon a wintry morn.
All in a lowly cattle shed,
The Prince of Peace was born.


The clouds fled from the gloomy sky;
The winds in silence lay;
And the stars shone bright, with strange delight,
To welcome in that day.


His parents they were simple folk,
And simple lives they led;
And in the ways of righteousness
This little Child was bred.


In gentle thought, and gentle deed,
His early days went by;
And the light His youthful steps did lead
Came down from heaven on high.


He was the friend of all the poor
That wander here below;
It was His only joy on earth
To ease them of their woe.


In vain He trod His holy path,
By sorrow sorely tried;
It was for all mankind He lived,
And for mankind He died.


Like Him, let us be just and pure,
Like Him, be true alway;
That we may find the peace of mind
That never fades away.


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