The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Carol


Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862), German Romantic Poet
Translated by Mary Dunlop Moultrie.


Source: Kate B. Runkle, “Festival Poems” (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1884), p. 111

1. HOLY night, calmly bright! 
Watch we where in slumber light 
Smileth the softness of motherly joy, 
Mary clasping the Heavenly Boy ; 
Purely, serenely blest, 
Loving ones, quietly rest. 
2. Blissful night, peacefully bright ! 
Shepherds first shall see the sight 
While their flocks they are watching around ; 
Angels' harpings over them sound ; 
Loud alleluias they ring, 
Jesus the Saviour is King ! 
3. Peaceful night, serenely bright ! 
Ere the rays of morning light. 
Beam on the Maiden the Infant's soft eyes, 
Bringing us hope from the merciful skies. 
Blessings the fond Mother thrill. 
Happiness, peaceful and still. 


John Julian erroneously identified this translation as one of "Stille Nacht!" (Dictionary of Hymnology, 1907, p. 761). This poem originally appeared in Hymns and Lyrics for the Seasons and Saints' Days of the Church by Gerald Moultrie, 1867, p. 42.

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