The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

By The Crib

Words: Katharine Tynan

Source: Anne Thaxter Eaton, ed., Welcome Christmas! A Garland Of Poems. New York: The Viking Press, 1955.

The small child-angels
New 'scaped from Heaven,
Like a flock of rose-leaves
On snow new driven.

They came hurrying, winging
To the stable-stall,
Like a bush of roses
On a June wall.

They perched by the manger
In rafter and roof,
For their wings the stable
Was weather proof.

There were kings and shepherds
And the sheep-dog came,
The ass and oxen
And a new-born lamb.

Lions and tigers
Knelt in the door,
Their wrath forgotten
And their warfare o'er.

The wren and robin
Came hopping in;
And the snake came wriggling
With his spotted skin.

Here all Creation
To the feast bid
Carne loving and weeping
And saw unchid.

The small child-angels
Like golden bees
Were winging and singing
A song of Peace.

And all Creation
Sang with the stars,
That the Peace was signed
And an end of wars.

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