The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Wolcü zol şu Mery Mä In Worchepe of şis Holy Day

For Christmas
"Welcome Yule Thou Merry Man"

Traditional Middle English Carol

Source: William Sandys, Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (London: Richard Beckley, 1833)

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Wolcü zol şu mery mä in worchepe of şis holy day,

1. Wolcü be şu heuene kyng,
Wolcü born in on morwenÿg,
Wolcü for hö we xal syng,
                            Wolcü zol.

2. Wolcü be ze stefne and Jon,
Wolcü jnnocets euȝychon,
Wolcü thomas martȝon,
                            Wolcü zol.

3. Wolcü be ze good newe zer'
Wolcü twelfşe day boşe in fer,
Wolcü seynts lef and der,
                            Wolcü zol.

4. Wolcü be ze candylmesse,
Wolcü be ze qwÿ of blys,
Wolcü boşe to more and lesse,
                            Wolcü zol.

5. Wolcü be ze şt arn her,
Wolcü alle and mak good cher,
Wolcü alle ä opȝ zer,
                            Wolcü zol.

Sandys' Note:

This carol and three three following are from Sloane MS. 2593. (temp. Hen. VI); this and the carol for St. Stephen's day, are also printed in Ritson's Ancient Songs. A similar story to the crowing of the capon, will be found in one of the modern collection called "The Carnal and the Crane."

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