The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Winter Sun Was Setting

A Carol For The Holy Innocents

Words: Rev. George P. Grantham

Music: See Below

Source: Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, Complete Edition, 1894), Carol #100

1. The winter sun was setting,
The shades of eve were nigh,
When loving Jewish mothers
Thus sang their lullaby:
O rest thee, gentle baby!
The night stars peep;
Hush! little birds are silent;
Sleep! dear one, sleep!

2. The darksome night had fallen;
There came a ruthless band;
Each babe on mother's bosom
Was slain by murderous hand.
Long rest thee, ransomed baby
In slumber deep!
Within the Arms Eternal
Sleep! dear one, sleep!

3. The morning sun was rising,
Each mother's heart was torn,
As o'er her slaughtered infant
She wailed with grief forlorn:
God rest thee, murdered baby!
His blessing keep
Both babe and mourning mother!
Sleep! dear one, sleep!

4. Again the night has fallen;
There came a vision bright;
The babes the Lamb all radiant
Followed in robes of white.
Joy for my martyr baby!
No more I weep.
Till Christ shall bid thee follow;
Sleep! dear one, sleep!


This is one of many songs which relate to the Holy Innocents, whose feast day is December 28. For more, please see The Hymns Of The Holy Innocents.

Sheet Music from the French arranged by W. D. V. Duncombe from Chope
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer / PDF

Sheet Music by Rev. T.Helmore from Chope
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer / PDF

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