The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

What Child Is Here So Fair And Blest

Was ist das doch ein holdes Kind?

For Christmas

Words and Music: Modern German

Source: G. R. Woodward, ed., The Hymns and Carols for Christmas-tide (London: H. Grice, 1897), Carol #11, pp. 19-20.

What child is here so fair and blest,
In humble cradle taking rest?
Certain, an infant, sweet as this,
Descended from the realm of bliss.

Who yonder woman on her knee
That rocks the cot so lovingly?
'Tis Mary, maide-mother mild,
Rejoicing o'er her first-born Child.

And who the man beside her stands,
To God uplifting holy hands?
'Tis good Saint Joseph, none but he:
His spirit, too, is full of glee.

But what yon godly pilgrim band
Round hats on head, long crooks in hand?
The Shepherds meek that went their way,
Homage to Mary's Babe to pay.

Why doth the stall with lustre shine,
And whence this melody divine?
'Tis angels lull the Babe to sleep,
Through door and lattice as they peep.

Above that house there beams a star:
To all it beckons, near and far:
Yea, still it shines, e'en nowaday,
And shine it will for ever and aye.

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