The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Welcum, Yole, In Glod Aray

For Christmas Day

Words: Attributed to John Audelay, XV Century.
Bodleian Library. MS. Douce 302.

Source: Richard Greene, ed., A Selection of English Carols (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1962), Hymn #2, pp. 55-56.

In die natalis Domini.

         Welcum, Yole, in glod aray,
         In worchip of the holeday!

Welcum be thou, Heven Kyng,
Welcum, ibore in hon mornyng,
Welcum, to thee now wil we syng;
         Welcum, Yole, forever and ay!

Welcum be thou, Mare myld,
Welcum be thou and thi child,
Welcum, fro the fynd thou us schilde;
         Welcum, Yole, forever and ay!

Welcum be ye, Steven and Jone,
Welcum, childern everechone,
Wellcum, Thomas marter, alle on;
         Welcum, Yole, forever and ay!

Welcum be thou, good New Yere,
Welcum, the xii days efere,
Welcum be ye all that bene here;
         Welcum, Yole, forever and ay!

Welcum be ye, lord and lady,
Welcum be ye, al this cumpane,
Fore Yolis love, now makis mere !
         Welcum, Yole, forever and ay!

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