The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Welcū ȝole In Good Array

For Christmas

Words: Attributed to John Audelay
Douce MS. 302, 15th Century

William Sandys, Christmas-tide, Its History, Festivities and Carols, With Their Music (London: John Russell Smith, 1852), pp. 218-9.

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Welcū ȝole in good array,
In worship of e holiday,

Welcū be u heue kyng,
Welcū u born i on mornyng,
Welcū to e now wil we syng,
Welcū ȝole for eur and ay,

Welcū be u mare myld,
Welcū be u and i child,
Welcū fro e fynd u as schilde,
Welcū ȝole for eur and ay,

Welcū be ȝe steu and ione,
Welcū childrn eūechone,
Welcū thomas, martyr, all on,
Welcū ȝole for eur and aye,

Welcū be u good newyere,
Welcū e xij days efere,
Welcū be ye all t bene here,
Welcū ȝole for ewr and aye, 

Welcū be ȝe lord and lady,
Welcū be ȝe all is cūpane,
Ffore ȝolis love makis mere,
Welcū ȝole fore ewr and aye.

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