The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Weep, Weep, For Earth's Bereaved Ones

A Carol For The Holy Innocents

Words: Mr. W. J. Jewitt

Music: Rev. R. F. Smith
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Source: Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, Complete Edition, 1894), Carol #101

1. Weep, weep, for earth's bereaved ones,
Rejoice! their course is run,
The blossoms earth hath folded
Bloom 'neath the heavenly sun;
But with the song of angels,
From yon blue heavens blend,
A voice is heard in Ramah
Of wailing and lament.

2. O roses of the morning,
O fadeless flowers of spring
Cull'd for the Master's garden
A sinless offering:
The icy blast of winter
Had chill'd ye with its breath,
But 'mid the summer bowers
Ye passed to life from death.

3. Oh weep not for thy loved ones,
Though they have passed away,
They dwell with God, the first-fruits
Of everlasting day:
Where sound of harpers, harping
Resounds the groves among,
Their infant voices swelling
Raise high the glad new song.

4. The Lamb they follow ever
'Mid sunny pastures green,
In robes of purest whiteness
In glorious silver sheen:
Where voice of many waters
Rolls on the throne before,
They dwell beside the Fountain
Of Life for evermore.

5. Then let not thought of sadness
Dim Christmas joy and mirth,
Their angels sing in gladness
The promised Saviour's birth:
Their wintry storms are ended,
Though with a crimson glow
The roses of their bridal
Have stained the virgin snow.

6. Though Bethlehem of Judah
The Son of sorrow bore,
The Son of consolation
He lives for evermore:
Look up! oh mournful mother,
And let no voice of wail
Be with the wild winds sighing
Borne mingled on the gale.


This is one of many songs which relate to the Holy Innocents, whose feast day is December 28. For more, please see The Hymns Of The Holy Innocents.

Sheet Music from Chope

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