The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


A Carol for Bringing in the Wasseyl Bowl on New Year's Eve and Twelfth Night

Words: "Imitated by the Editor"

Music: Arranged for Four Voices by Edmund Sedding.

Source: Antient Carols for Christmas and Other Tides Arranged For Four Voices by Edmund Sedding. Second Edition. (London: Masters and Son, 1863), pp. 14-15.

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"Welcum be ye, good newe yere,
Wolcum twelfth day both in fere,
Wolcum alle and make good chere,
Wolcum alle another yere."

1. Wasseyl, good masters, give ear! give ear!
Right joyfully welcome this glad new year:
Let the walls gaily drest with your merriment ring,
Make mirth on the Birth-Tide of Christ our King.

2. Wasseyl ! good masters, we tell you true,
Old Christmas brings nothing but mirth to you;
His mansion he fills with all manner of store,
His larders with plenty flow o'er and o'er.

3. Wasseyl ! Wasseyl ! to that King of Might,
A pure Maiden bore upon Christmas night:
Wasseyl ! to our Lady, God's Mother so dear,
Who brought us Salvation, and cast out fear.

4. Wasseyl ! Shepherds three, who the True Shepherd sought,
Wasseyl ! the three Kings who the Great KING gifts brought,
Wasseyl ! to the Angels, who carolled His Birth,
Singing Glory to GOD, Love and Peace on earth.

5. Wasseyl ! to our host, who feasteth his friends,
May God give him double, and more than he spends:
Full well may Sire Christmas keep Festival here,
Where find we such welcome, such dainty cheer.

6. Wasseyl ! to the Lady of this fair hall,
Wasseyl ! to her Children, both great and small,
Wasseyl ! to the Steward, who brings us the best,
Wasseyl ! to the Baker, the Maids, and the rest.

7. Wasseyl ! to the Gentles, Wasseyl ! to the Poor,
May God send them comfort, and Christmas store;
Wasseyl ! to the Holly, whole berries now glow,
Wasseyl ! to the Ivy and Mistletoe.

S. Wasseyl ! Wasseyl ! all who Christmas love,
May God send them blessings from Heaven above;
Let court, city, country, and all folk be glad,
Old Christmas hath entered to cheer the sad.

9. By Christmas we call on our loving host,
And all in this mansion to drink to our toast;
In the name of Sire Christmas we bid you Wasseyl !
Ill luck be to him who will not Drinkheyl !


10. Drinkheyl ! Drinkheyl ! both old and young !
In the praise of Sire Christmas let Carols be sung:
To Him Who on us His sweet mercies doth pour,
Be honour and worship for evermore.

(Verses 6, 7, and 8, may be omitted.)

Sheet Music from  Antient Carols for Christmas and Other Tides Arranged For Four Voices by Edmund Sedding. Second Edition. (London: Masters and Son, 1863), pp. 14-15.

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Note from Mr. Sedding.

This Carol should be sung in procession. The Wasseyl Bowl garnished with flowers, &c., should be accompanied by taper or torch bearer. The Song concluded, the bowl is handed round to the company, the biggest in rank, of course, drinking first.

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