The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Tother Day In Mid-Winter

Words: George Radcliffe Woodward


Music: Setting of Scappino by Charles Wood
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Source: Charles Wood and George Ratcliffe Woodward, eds., An Italian Carol Book (London: The Faith Press, Ltd., 1920), #16

1. Tother day in mid-winter
    On the feast of Saint Stephen,
    Upon my rounds I walk'd abroad at even;
For weeks it had been blowing,
For weeks it had been blowing
From Eastern lands, and now full fast was snowing,
Snowing, Yea, snowing.

2. On my way I discover'd,
    Lo, a Babe, that did shiver
    There, where he lay beside the frozen river.
Amid the flakes I found him:
Amid the flakes I found him:
And scant and thin the wraps that were around him,
That were around him.

3. 'Prithee say, gentle Infant,
    Who thou art, why thou criest,
    Why, as forsaken, in the drift thou liest.'
'Alas!' quoth he, I 'languish,
'Alas!' quoth he, I 'languish,
And sob for cold, for hunger, pain and anguish,
Hunger, pain, anguish?'

4. 'Hapness Babe, poor and needy,
    If this be why thou weepest,
    And, while as others slumber, thou not sleepest,
For me, thou shalt not perish:
For me, thou shalt not perish:
But, like a son, at home thee will I cherish,
Thee will I cherish.

5. Darling Child, it doth move me
    To distress and compassion
    To view thee lone, a-cold here, in this fashion.'
Then next my heart I laid him,
Then next my heart I laid him,
And, homeward brought, in woolen sark array'd him,
Wrapt and array'd him.

6. Morning came, and I sought him:
    But Babe Jesus had taken
    His way alas! or ever I might waken.
Ah me! I could not find him;
Ah me! I could not find him;
But he had left a blessing, Sir, behind him;
Blessing behind him.

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