The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Though Chill The Night And Airy

Words: George R. Woodward

Source: Rev. George R. Woodward, The Babe Of Bethlehem, Being Some Christmas Carols (48 West Hill, Highgate Village, 1923), #09

Though chill the night and airy,
Go, herdmen, quit the prairie:
Greet the Son, the Holy One,
The King of ages, born of Mary.

1. Leave your ewes aneath the fell,
Nor fear the wolf from off the mountain:
Speed to Bethlem, past the well,
Whence Davy drew, old Jesse’s Fountain. Refrain.

2. There the Child, fore-seen of old
By bards in true prophetick story,
Him a Maiden’s arms enfold,
The Saviour Christ, the Lord of glory. Refrain.

3. In a shed where cattle stand,
The heav’nly Babe, there shall ye find him:
In a cratch, with swathing band
The Ever-Virgin the doth wind him. Refrain.

4. ‘Glory be to God on high,’
To-day the Angel-host is singing:
‘Peace on earth, good-will,’ they cry:
So, Church-men, let your bells a-ringing. Refrain.

5. And though the night be airy,
Go, like them of the prairie,
Hail that God, this globe who trod,
And born was of our Lady Mary. Refrain.

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