The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

There Camen IIJ Kinges From Lands Afar

Words: George R. Woodward

Source: Rev. George R. Woodward, The Babe Of Bethlehem, Being Some Christmas Carols (48 West Hill, Highgate Village, 1923), #15

1 .There camen iij Kinges from lands afar,
Led Well-ward by a wonderful Star.

2. ‘Twas many a league over dale and down a
Before they enter’d Bethlehem town.

3. But ne’er did iij Wise men a wiser thing
Than when they worthshipt Jesus as King,

4. And when, for to honour him, each cast down
Fore Mary’s Babe his sceptre and crown,

5. Returning frankincense with myrrh and gold
To him, who giveth whatever we hold.

6. So we, if true Gentiles, will ne’er refuse
Our homage to Jesus, King of the Jews.

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