The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Thee, Christ, We Laud And Magnify

For The Holy Innocents
The Hymns Of The Holy Innocents

Words: Laus Tibi, Christe, S. Notker, 10th century, translated by C. F. Hernaman, 1883.

Tune: S. Bruno, Arthur H. Brown
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Meter: D.L.M (Long Meter, Doubled)

Source: Arthur Henry Brown, ed., The Altar Hymnal (London: Griffith, Farrar, Okeden & Welsh, 1885), #16, pages 51-53.

1. Thee, Christ, we laud and magnify,
The Father's Son omnipotent,
To Whom the blessed ones on high
Raise endless praises jubilant.
Sweet infant bands Thy glories sing
Within that City fair and bright,
Slaughtered by Herod, impious King,
In thought to do Thee foul despite.

2. For these their sufferings borne for Thee,
In Heaven Thou now rewardest them,
Crowns of celestial brilliancy
Adorn the babes of Bethlehem.
Christ, by Thy Merits was us white,
And grant that of Thy clemency
We may with Thy redeemed unite
In hymns of praise eternally.

3. They in Thy Light are glorified
O grant that we may conquer earth,
And ever in Thy grace abide,
Celestial longings breathing forth!
Join not to Herod's company
Those who the martyred infants praise,
But let us through Eternity
With them upon Thy beauty gaze.

S. Bruno, Arthur H. Brown


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