The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Song Of The Women

A Wealden Trio

Ford Madox Ford (1873 - 1939), 1897
A.K.A. Ford Hermann Hueffer and Ford Madox Hueffer

1st Voice
WHEN ye've got a child 'ats whist for want of food,
And a grate as grey's y'r 'air for want of wood,
And y'r man and you ain't nowise not much good;

It's hard work a-Christmassing,
Singin' songs about the "Babe what's born."

2nd Voice
When ye've 'eered the bailiff's 'and upon the latch,
And ye've feeled the rain a-trickling through the thatch,
An' y'r man can't git no stones to break ner yit no sheep to watch—

We've got to come a-Christmassing,
Singin' of the "Shepherds on that morn."

3rd Voice, more cheerfully
'E was a man's poor as us, very near,
An" E'ad' is trials and danger,
An' I think 'E'll think of us when 'E sees us singin' 'ere;
For 'is mother was poor, like us, poor dear,
An' she bore Him in a manger.

It's warm in the heavens, but it's cold upon the earth;
An' we ain't no food at table nor no fire upon the hearth;
And it's bitter hard a-Christmassing,
Singin' songs about our Saviour's birth;
Singin' songs about the Babe what's born;
Singin' of the shepherds on that morn.

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