The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Shine On, Fair Star

Words: Hannah M. Bryon

Music: Frank M. Davis

Source: Carol 261, A. L. Byers, et. al. Eds., Songs of Grace and Glory (Anderson, Indiana: Gospel Trumpet Company, 1918)

1. The myriad stars of night
Thro’ all the ages gone,
So glorious and bright
For Countless years have shone.
Each in the crown of night
Sparkles a radiant gem;
But shines with softer light,
The Star of Bethlehem.

Shine on, fair star of hope and love,
And guide me to the port above.

2. The majesty divine
That lit each wand’ring light,
And bade them more and shine
Each in its orbit bright;
And in the vault above
Hath placed each shining gem,
Hath giv’n in tender love
The Star of Bethlehem. Chorus

3. Loud was the angry blast
Around my little bark;
The sky is overcast
And all its lamps are dark.
Still thro’ the earthly night
Beams one pure sparkling gem,
The Christian’s beacon light,
The Star of Bethlehem. Chorus

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