The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Shepherds Amazed

For Christmas

Words: Attribution is to "A Good Christmas Box" (Dudley, 1847)

Music: Arthur Henry Brown
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer

Source: Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, Christmas Carols New and Old (London: Novello, Ewer & Co., ca 1878), Carol# 53.

1. The Shepherds amazed the Angels behold
Declare the glad tides of the morn;
The time is fulfill'd that the Prophets foretold,
And Christ your Redeemer is born.

All glory and honour to God our Creator,
Who came from His glory on high;
In humble submission took on Him our nature,
That we might partake of His joy.

2. Behold, in a manger the Lord He is laid,
Who came our salvation1 to bring;
Go seek Him, ye shepherds, and be not afraid,
He is your Redeemer and King. Chorus

3. In Bethlehem city the Prophets agree
A Virgin should bring forth a Son;
Go haste to the stable, ye shepherds, and see,
For as it was said it is done. Chorus

4. The shepherds obeyed, and the Babe did espy,
The Angels most sweetly did sing;
Let's join in their songs to the great God on high,
For sending our Saviour and King. Chorus


1. Or: "the glad tidings."  A Good Christmas Box. Return

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Sheet Music from Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, Christmas Carols New and Old (London: Novello, Ewer & Co., ca 1878).

The_Shepherds_Amazed_53a.gif (353375 bytes) The_Shepherds_Amazed_53b.gif (371219 bytes)

Sheet Music from Rev. Edgar Pettman, ed., The Westminster Carol Book (London: Houghton & Co., 1899), No 35, pp. 46-47.

Pettman_35a-The_Shepherds_Amazed.jpg (466897 bytes) Pettman_35b-The_Shepherds_Amazed.jpg (313154 bytes)

Sheet Music from Arthur Henry Brown, ed., In Excelsis Gloria-Carols for Christmastide (London: Thomas Bosworth & Co., 1885), Carol #14, pp. 28-29.

shepherds amazed pp 28-29.jpg (120924 bytes)

Also found in G. Walters, A Good Christmas Box (Dudley: G. Walters, 1847, Reprinted by Michael Raven, 2007), p. 39.

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