The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Saint Mary, Mother Mild

Mater Salutaris


Words: English Traditional, Thirteenth Century
Compare: Seinte Mari moder milde

Source: Edith Rickert, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700 (London: Chatto & Windus, 1914), pp. 3-5.

Saint Mary, mother mild,
    Mater salutaris,
Fairest flower of any field,
    Vere nuncuparis,
Through Jesu Christ thou wert with child,
Thou bring me of my thoughtės wild,
That maketh me to death (to) go
My thought is wild as is the roe,
    Luto gratulante,
She worketh me full muchel woe,
    Illaque favente;
But if He wille wend me fro
I ween my heart breaketh a-two,
I tamed1 am both day and night,
Jesu, through Thy muchel might
    Omnia fecisti.
The Holy Ghost in Mary light,
    Sicut voluisti,
Therefore He is yclept our Driht;2
Jesu, bring my thought to Christ
That it be stable and not changeable,
Jesu Christ, Thou art on loft,3
    Digno Tu scandente,
Heaven and earth Thou havest ywrought,
    Victore triumphante,
Mankind with Thy body a-bought,
Thou wouldst not him have lost for nought,
    Nec dare;
And gave the blood that was so good,
    Tam gnare.
Sweetė lady, flower of all,
    Vere consolatrix,
Thou be mine help that I ne4 fall,
    Cunctis reparatrix.
Mildest queen and best ycorn,5
Night and day thou be me forn6
Give me grace to see thy face,
That I through thy sweetė bene,7
    Tutrix orphanorum,
May leavė all this worldės teen,8
    Solamen miserorum.
And to thee, Lady, may I take
And my sins (may) all forsake,
That I ne missė of thy bliss,


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