The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Prepare Thy Way, O Zion

For Advent

Traditional Swedish

Words: Frans Mikael Franzen (1772-1847), 1812.
Translated by Augustus Nelson (1863-1949)

Music: "Bereden väg för Herran," Swedish melody, Before 1560
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer
Meter: 76 76 77 66

1. Prepare the way, O Zion!
Ye awful deeps, rise high;
Sink low, ye towering mountains,
The Lord is drawing nigh;
The righteous King of glory,
Foretold in sacred story.

O blest is He that came
In God the Father’s Name.
O Zion, He approacheth,
Thy Lord and King for aye!
Strew palms where He advanceth,
Spread garments in His way.
God’s promise faileth never,
Hosanna sound forever!

2. O Zion, he approaches,
Your Lord and King for aye;
Strew palms where he advances,
Spread garments in his way;
God's promise faileth never,
Hosanna sound forever. Refrain

3. Fling wide thy portals, Zion
And hail thy glorious King;
His tidings of salvation
To every people bring,
Who, waiting yet in sadness,
Would sing His praise in gladness. Refrain

4. He cometh not with warriors,
And not with pomp and show,
Yet smiteth He with terror
Sin, death, and every foe.
The Spirit’s sword He wieldeth,
Not e’en to death He yieldeth. Refrain

5. Give heed, thou sinful people,
Thy King and Savior own;
The kingdom He hath founded
Is not an earthly one;
No power can overthrow it,
Nor earthly wisdom know it. Refrain

6. The throne which He ascendeth
Is fixed in heaven above:
His sanctified dominion1
Is light alone and love.
His praise be ever sounding2
For grace and peace abounding. Refrain

6. Jerusalem is fallen,
And closed its temple door;
Its sacrifices ended;
Its scepter is no more.
Christ’s kingdom never ceaseth,
Its glory still increaseth. Refrain

1. Or: His everlasting kingdom. Return

2. Or: Let us his praise be sounding. Return

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