The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Oh, Must We Not Sing Our Christmas Hymn

Alternate Title: The Disappointed Carol Singers

Words: Frances Ridley Havergal (1836 - 1879), 1855

1. Oh, must we not sing our Christmas hymn,
And will you not hear our song?
With joyous voices, but with weary limb,
We have roamed the whole day long!

2. We have thought of the merry Christmas time
For many a week before,
And have gleefully learned our Christmas rhyme
To carol at your door;

3. There are no merry larks to wake you now,
No blackbirds in woody dell;
The nightingale loves not the leafless bough,
The humming bee sleeps in his cell.

4. Oh, winter is gloomy and dark enough,
And must it be silent too?
Are the chorus of winds and the storm-song rough
The only sweet music for you?

5. But we are the birds of the winter day,
When all else is dark and still;
Then, lady, send us not all away,
And with sorrow our eager hearts fill.

6. Oh, do not thus wave your beautiful hand,
And bid us unheard to go;
For the carolling time of our little band
Comes but once a year, you know.

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