The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Oh, Here's To The Holly

For Christmas

Words: W. M. Logan

Music E. J. Loder

Source: J. E. (Joseph Edwards) Carpenter, ed., The Book of Modern Songs (London: G. Routledge and Company, 1858), pp. 149-150. Text only.

1. Oh, here's to the holly that cures melancholy;
    And hangs in the hall at Christmas time,
When wit sparkles out and wassailers shout
    A stave of Christmas rhyme.
With berries red he smiles on high,
    Enthroned with his mistletoe bride-
While love lights up each maiden's eye
    Who blushes her swain beside.

Oh, the holly's the tree- youth doats upon thee,

Thine innocent folly age glories to see-
All ages love thee- all ages love thee-
The holly's the tree for me.

2. Oh, here's to the holly that kills melancholy,
    And makes the board merry at festive time;
When old English cheer awakes the New Year,
    And bells at midnight chime.
May all our friends in health survive
    The year that to-morrow shall be;
May kindness keep that love alive
    Men's hearts e'er delights to see.
        Oh, the holly's etc.

3. Oh, here's to the holly that kills melancholy,
    That gladdens each heart with twelfth-night rhyme-
When each takes a part with right merry heart,
    To make the most of time.
How many meet by chance tonight,
    To sport 'neath the mistletoe bough-
Whose hearts will speak and breasts unite,
    Ere whisper'd a word or vow.
        Oh, the holly's etc.


Also found in another of Carpenter's many collections, The Home Songster (George Routledge, 1865).

One of a number of songs that celebrate the secular side of Christmas with themes that relate to or mention holly and or ivy. See The Holly And The Ivy, with notes.

This song also occurs on a number of Broadsides including this one from from Broadside Ballads Online Harding B 11(2115) (A. Ryle & Co., Printers, 2 & 3, Monmouth Court, Seven Dials between 1845 and 1859).

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