The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Offspring Of The Eternal Father

For Christmas Day and up to The Circumcision (York, Hereford, and other Breviaries); at Compline and other times.

Words: Corde Natus Ex Parentis, Marcus Aurelius Clemens Prudentius (348-413)
Translation by John David Chambers

Music: Not Stated

Source: John David Chambers, Lauda Syon. Part I. (London: J. Masters and J. A. Novello, 1857), pp. 75-76.

1. OFFSPRING of Th' Eternal Father !
    Ere from naught the worlds arose ;
Wondrous Alpha and Omega !
    Who, of all things Fount and Close,
Doth what is, hath been, hereafter
    Shall be, at His will dispose ;
                        Evermore from age to age !

2. At His word came forth Creation,
    He decreed, and Earth was made ;
Land and Sky, the depths of Ocean,
    Threefold Fabric, He arrayed ;
All that e'er, with life and motion
    Sun and Moon from Heaven surveyed ;
                        Evermore from age to age.

3. He of Whom consentient sages
    Sung inspired in times of old ;
Whom of yore in truthful pages
    Far-eyed Prophet Seers foretold,
Shines forth, promise of past ages,
    Christ ! Whose praise is manifold !
                        Evermore from age to age.

4. Blest Nativity ! when teeming
    With her Fruit of priceless worth,
Bright with grace The Virgin beaming,
    Our Salvation brought to birth ;
And Her Child, all worlds redeeming,
    Shewed His Countenance to Earth
                        Evermore from age to age !

5. Ring ye Heavens with acclamation !
    Angel choirs attune your lays !
Every Virtue, Princedom, nation,
    Echo forth your Maker's praise ;
Naught be mute in all Creation,
    Every voice its anthem raise !
                        Evermore from age to age.

6. Him, let youth and age applauding
    With the lisping infant throng,
Matrons, virgins, praise affording,
    Guileless maidens, hail with song ;
And with heart and voice according
    Loud the adoring strain prolong ;
                        Evermore from age to age.

7. Justest Judge of dead and living !
    King of righteousness divine !
At Thy Father's right hand sitting,
    In Whom princely virtues shine ;
Who, from thence in clouds descending,
    Shall to worlds their doom assign,
                        Evermore from age to age ;

8. Christ ! to Thee and to The Father,
    And, O Holy Ghost ! to Thee,
Hymns and Music, Laud and Honour,
    And perpetual thanks shall be ;
Glory, Victory, Virtue, Power,
    Now henceforth eternally !
                        Evermore from age to age. Amen.

Translations of the Latin lyrics include:

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