The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Thou, The Maker of Each Star

Ambrosian Vespers Breviary Hymn For Advent

Words: Conditor alme siderum. Original of Creator alme siderum.

Translation:  Alfred, Lord Braye, 1883.

Source: Orby Shipley, Annus Sanctus: Hymns of the Church for the Ecclesiastical Year. Vol. 1. (London and New York: Burns and Oates, 1884), pp. 17-18.

O thou, the maker of each star, 
True light of all who faithful are, 
Redeemer, Christ, bow down thine ear 
Our supplicating voice to hear. 

Who, moved with grief that earth should lie 
Sin's victim destined but to die, 
Didst save the weary world and give 
An healing means that it might live. 

When fell the evening of our race, 
And darkling clouds did lower apace, 
Forth from a Maiden's purest womb, 
As from thy chamber, thou didst come. 

Thee, girt with strength, most mighty, thee - 
Adores on earth each bended knee ; 
All things in earth, all things in heaven, 
Own by thy look their life was given. 

Most holy Lord, to thee we pray, 
The world's dread judge the world's last day, 
Preserve us every passing year, 
Safe from our foeman's loathed spear. 

Praise, honour, power, glorious praise 
To Father and to Son upraise j 
To Paraclete like tribute be, 
A triple praise eternally. 

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