The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Sleep Now, Holy Baby

Duérmete, Niño lindo

Words: Hispanic folk song: trans. John Donald Robb (b 1892-), 1954
Lyrics are copyright; see #113 The Hymnal 1982

Music: A la ru
Meter: Irregular

 1. Oh, sleep now, holy baby,
with your head against my breast:
Meanwhile the pants of my sorrow
are soothed and put to rest.

A la ru, a la me,
al la ru, a la me,
al la ru, a la me,
al la ru, a la me,

2. You need not fear King Herod,
He will bring no harm to you;
so rest in the arms of your mother
who sings you a la ru. Refrain

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