The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Lord, Saviour of the World

For Epiphany

Words: Salvator mundi domine. Compline Hymn from the Salisbury Breviary.

Translator Unknown

Source: Program Notes, Thomas Tallis: The Complete Works. Volume 4 - Music for the Divine Office - 1, Chapelle du Roi (directed by Alistair Dixon).

O Lord, saviour of the world,
who has saved us this day,
protect us through this night
and save us in all times.

Be present to us now in your kindness
and spare your suppliants:
blot out our sins
and illuminate the shadows.

Let not sleep oppress the mind,
nor the enemy steal us away:
let not our bodies be stained, we pray,
with any foulness.

To you who reshape the senses,
we implore with the prayers of the hearts,
that we may arise from our beds
pure and chaste in mind.

To God the Father be the glory,
and to his only Son,
with the Spirit, the Paraclete,
now and forever. Amen.

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