The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Christ, Redeemer of the World

Words: Christe Redemptor Omnium, Latin, 6th Century

Translation: John David Chambers

Source: John David Chambers, Laude Syon (1857), pp. 69-70.

and in theVigil of the Epiphany at Matins.

CHRIST ! Redeemer of the world,
Son of the Father! Only One!
Begotten all ineffably,
Alone! ere being had begun!

Thou Light! The Father's Brightness Thou!
Unfailing Hope of all the Earth!
O hear the prayers Thy servants now
To Thee throughout the world pour forth!

Remember, Author of our health!
That hour when erst in ages gone,
Born of a Virgin undefiled,
Thou didst our mortal form put on;

For in this happy day we own
Recurring in the circling year,
Thy Mission from Thy Father's throne,
Alone, the ransomed world to cheer!

And now the Earth and Seas and Sky,
All things that in them move and live,
To Him Who sent Thee from on high,
Melodious praise exulting give.

And we, who in Thy Blood new born
Have warned our sinful stains away,
Exulting in Thy Natal Morn,
Pour forth a new and festal lay.

All Glory, Gracious Lord! to Thee
Born of a Virgin ever pure;
Father and Holy Ghost mall be
While ages infinite endure! Amen.

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