The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Christ, Redeemer of Mankind

Words: Christe Redemptor Omnium, Latin, 6th Century

Translation: Richard F. Littledale

Source: Richard F. Littledale, ed., The People's Hymnal. Sixth Edition. (London: J. Masters and Co., 1877) #293.

#293. M & 2nd E. Meter: LM.
O CHRIST, Redeemer of mankind, 
Thy servants here protect and spare,
Who hearest, with a loving mind, 
The Blessed Virgin's holy prayer. 
May those glad hosts which see Thy Face,
The spirits of the heavenly home,
Away from us all evils chase,
Both past, and present, and to come.

The Prophets of the Judge most High,
The Twelve Apostles of the Lord,
For us, with interceding cry,
Pray that Thou keep us in Thy ward.

God's Martyrs, who have won renown,
His Confessors, in bright array,
Ask that we too may win the crown
Which shines in everlasting day.

The Choir of Virgins lily-white,
Thy Priests and all Thy ministry,
With every saint in prayer unite,
Till we be joined, O Christ, to Thee.

Then purge away all unbelief
From every land where Christians dwell,
That unto Thee, our Victor Chief,
Our thanks and praises we may tell.

The Father unbegot we laud,
We praise the Sole-Begotten Son,
And Holt Spirit, with Them God,
Now, and while endless ages run.

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