The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Now Jesus At The Door is Knocking

Words: Magnus Brostrup Landstad, 1863,
Tr., O. H. Smeby, C. K. Soiberg, C. Doving, 1909

Music: Who Knows How Near, German, 1690
Sheet Music
Meter: 9 8, 9 8, 88

Andreas Bersagel, et al, eds., The Condordia Hymnal
(Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House, 1932)

1. Now Jesus at the door is knocking!
Hark how He pleads our souls to win!
Who hears His voice, the door unlocking,
To sup with him He enters in!
How blest the day, my soul, how blest!
When Jesus comes to be thy guest!

2. Behold, He at the door is calling,
O heed, my soul, what He doth say;
Deny Him not, O thought appalling,
And turn Him. not from thee away.
My soul gives answer deep within:
Thou blessed of the Lord, come in!

3. Come Thou who spreadest joy and gladness,
Forever bide with me and mine,
And bring to those who sit in sadness
And gloom of death Thy light divine;
A voice comes from my soul within:
Thou blessed of the Lord, come in!


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