The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Mighty Saviour Comes From Heaven

For Christmas

Words: “Von Himmell kommt der starke Held”

Author: Not Stated; See Notes

Translation by Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1841

Source: Frances Elizabeth Cox, Sacred Hymns from the German (London: William Pickering, 1841), p. 13.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
St. Luke 2:14

1. The mighty Saviour comes from heaven,
He comes to save a world forgiven:
Hark! angels sing, and heavenly light
Shines round the shepherds in the night.

2. As glides his winged herald near,
The trembling shepherds shrink with fear;
Fear not, he cries, while love and grace
Beam from his heaven-illumined face.

3. Glad tidings of great joy he tells,
That he in whom all fulness dwells,
The Son of God, from heaven come down,
Is born this day in David's town.

4. He speaks, and lo! a heavenly throng
Give praise to God in holy song;
And, as they touch their golden lyres,
This glorious theme their hymn inspires.
5. Glory to God, through Jesu's birth,
Good will to men, and peace on earth;
Now God in men shall pleasure take,
And bless them still for Jesu's sake.

6. The shepherds joined, with wondering gaze
And faltering voice, the song of praise;
And straight to Bethlehem sped away,
To where their infant Saviour lay.

7. So now let us, with heart and voice,
In God our Hope and Strength rejoice;
For evermore with praise adore
The Son, who all our sorrows bore.

8. His just commands let us fulfil,
And, true to death, obey Him still;
Then God, to do whose will He died,
Shall see it, and be satisfied,

9. And graciously, when life is past,
Will call us home to heaven at last;
Meanwhile our voices here we raise,
To join His angels' song of praise.


Does not occur in the second, revised edition of this work, Hymns from the German (1864).

The following is from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1892), p. 1228.

This hymn appears in the Neues Hildburghäusisches G. B., 1807 (ed. 1808, No. 170), in 10 stanzas of 4 lines. The two opening lines, but not much more, are taken from a hymn by Dr. Johann Christoph Stockhausen (b. October 20, 1725, at Gladenbach, Hesse; became in 1769 Lutheran superintendent at Hanau; d. at Hanau, Sep. 4, 1784), found in the Neue Hanau Münzerbergsche G. B., 1779, and included in the Württemburg G. B., 1791, in 6 stanzas. The rest is a paraphrase, apparently by J. C. Wagner of the same passage of Holy Scripture as that used by Luther in his “Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schaar,” but it has very little resemblence to Luther. The translations from the text of Bunsen's Versuch, 1833 No. 118, in 9 stanzas are: (1) “The mighty Saviour comes from heaven.” By Miss Cox, in 1841, p. 13. (2) “From Heaven comes the mighty Lord.” By Lady E. [Eleanor?] Fortescue, 1843.”



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