The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Merthe Of Alle This Londe

For Christmas

Words: English Traditional from Arch. Selden Ms. B. 26, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Music: Not Stated

Source: E. K. Chambers and F. Sidgwick, eds., Early English Lyrics (London: A. H. Bullen, 1907), #CXLII, p. 241.

The merthe of alle this londe
    Maketh the gode husbonde,
With eringe of his plowe.
    Iblessed be Cristes sonde,
That hath us sent in honde 5
    Merthe and joye enowe.

The plowe gothe mony a gate,
    Bothe erly and eke late,
In winter in the clay,
    Aboute barly and whete, 10
That makethe men to swete.
    God spede the plowe all day !

Browne Morel and Gore
    Drawen the plowe full sore
All in the morweninge ; 15
    Rewarde hem therefore
With a shefe or more
    Alle in the eveninge.

Whan men biginne to sowe,
    Full well here corne they knowe 20
In the mounthe of May.
    However Janiver blowe
Wether hie or lowe,
    God spede the plowe alle way !

Whan men biginnethe to wede 25
The thistle fro the sede
    In somer whan they may,
God lete hem well to spede ;
And longe gode life to lede,
    Alle that for plowe men pray. 30


4. sonde, message.

Notes to CXLII, p. 375.

Selden B. 26. Printed E.B.M., ii. 132 (facsimile, i. plate LXIX).

A poem of 96 lines in Lansdowne 762 has for refrain 'I praye to God, spede wele the plough'. [See: God Spede The Plough.]

It is printed with Pierce the Ploughman's Crede by W. W. Skeat, E.E.T.S., 1867. In Henslowe's Diary (ed. Greg, i. 16) it is recorded that a play called 'god spead the plowe’ was acted 27 December, 1593, and 5 January, 1593-4. On 1 March, 1601, John Harrison entered ‘A booke called God spede the ploughe’ on the Stationers' Register (Arber, iii. 180). For a poem in praise of wheat, see Sloane 2593, Wright, W.C., 38.

3-6 are repeated under the music in the MS.

Extended Citations:

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Editor's Note: Selden Ms. B 26 is available  on-line at Early Manuscripts at Oxford University; see Selden MS B26.

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