The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Merry Christmas, Lovely Christmas

Words: Glade jul, dejlige jul, B.S. Ingemann (1850)
Glade jul, hellige jul!

English Translation by Marissa Ilocto, Ann-Sofie  Lützen, Mike Jovicic, Minja ursic

Music: Unknown

1. Merry Christmas, lovely Christmas 
angels falling slowly down in shelters,
Towards us they fly in paradise-green,
where they see what for God is keen, 
in secret they move among us-
in secret they move among us!

2. Christmas joy, everlasting joy,
 sacred song, with heavenly sound, 
It is angels, the shepherds saw, 
when the Lord in his crib lay 
everlasting is the singing of the angels-
everlasting is the singing of the angels!

3. Peace on earth, peace on earth, 
The baby Jesus lives among us, 
of the child the angels sing so beautiful 
He has opened the heavenly door, 
blessed are the angels song- 
blessed are  the angels song!

4. Blessed peace, heavenly peace 
surrounds us on Christmas night 
Angels deliver to big and small, 
word about him that lay in the crib, 
Be joyful, he has saved every soul -
Be joyful, he has saved every soul!


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