The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Mary Modr Meke & Mylde

For Christmas

Middle English Carol
The British Museum. MS. Sloan 2593, fol. 57, r0

Source: William Sandys, Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (London: Richard Beckley, 1833)

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Mary Modr, Meke & Mylde (Sandys, 1833)
Mary moder, meke and mylde - Thomas Wright
Mary Mother, Meek And Mild (Rickert)

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    Now el, el, el, el, el, el, el, el, el, el
    Mary was gret wt gab'el.

Mary modr, meke and mylde,
fro schame and synne t ze vs schyllde,
for gret on grownd ze g wt childe,
                                Gab'ele ncio.

Mary modr, be not adred,
Ju is in zor body bred
and of zor bryst he wil be fed,
                                C pudoris lilio.

Mary modr, e frewt of e
for vs was naylid on a tre,
in hovene is now his mageste,
                                fuget jesus rex clo.

Mary modr, e redde day,
vp he ros as i zow say,
to helle he tok e ryzte way,
                                motu fertr ppo.

Mary modr, aft is sone,
vp ue yis t wt h to wone,
e ange wern glad q u wer come,
                                in celi palaco

Sandys' Note:

This carol [is] from Sloane MS. 2593. (temp. Hen. VI).

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