The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lullay My Liking

For Christmas

Words and Music: English Traditional, Fifteenth Century
British Museum. MS. Sloane 2593. XV Cent.

Version 1

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Music Composed by Gustov Holtz, 1916, Op. 34, No. 2

Lullay my liking,
my dear Son, my Sweeting;
Lullay my dear Heart,
mine own dear Darling.

1. I saw a fair maiden
sitten and sing:
She lulled a little child,
A sweete Lording
    Lullay my liking . . .

2. That Eternal Lord is He
That made alle thing;
Of alle Lordes He is Lord,
Of every King He's King.
    Lullay my liking . . .

3. There was mickle melody
At that childes birth:
Though the songsters were heavenly
They made mickle mirth.
    Lullay my liking . . .

4. Angels bright they sang that night
And saiden to that Child
"Blessed be Thou and so be she
That is so meek and mild."
    Lullay my liking . . .

5. Pray we now to that child,
As to His Mother dear,
God grant them all His blessing
That now maken cheer.
    Lullay my liking . . .

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