The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lording and Lady

Words: George Radcliffe Woodward


Music: Setting of Quest quel loco by Charles Wood
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Source: Charles Wood and George Ratcliffe Woodward, eds., An Italian Carol Book (London: The Faith Press, Ltd., 1920), #14

Lordes and ladyes all by dene

Lordes and Ladyes All By Dene - Sandys

1. Lording and lady, for charity remember
Christ and his brethren at Yuletide in December
        With holly, bay and laurel
    Deck the hall, and after labour,
        Forgetting feud and quarrel,
    Entertain your needy neighbour.

2. Lo Maiden Mary; with love and awe she bendeth
Over her Infant, and so his wants attendeth:
        See Joseph how he meeteth
    Simple shepherds at the manger;
        How loyally he greeteth,
    One by one, the Eastern stranger.

3. So ye, with Angels, with ox and ass afore him,
Like yon poor peasant, or wealthy prince, adore him.
        And now let Mass be sungen
    In the presence of much people:
        And let the bells be rungen
    By the hour from every steeple.

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