The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lo! Image Of The Godhead Bright

En! Trinitatis speculum

For Christmas

German, xiv century.

G. R. Woodward, ed., The Hymns and Carols for Christmas-tide (London: H. Grice, 1897), Carol #18, p. 27.

Lo! Image of the Godhead bright
Doth illume the world with light;
Eya! Eya! Heartily, men and maidens, all of ye,
Sing for glee, right merrily,
'All glory to the Infant-King,
'Christo incarnato, Deo humanato.'

The Father's only Son is born
Of a maid this very morn:
On his birthday quires on high
Fill the air with melody:
Then sing ye in hubile,
Full clear and loud your anthem be,
'Christo incarnato, Deo humanato.'

In cradle low the Babe doth rest,
'Wonderful' by name, and blest:
God by hosts of heaven confest,
Altogether loveliest,
Wherefore ye must sing for glee
'All glory to the Infant King,
'Christo incarnato, Deo humanato.'

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