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Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending

For Advent, Second Advent

Words: Thomas Olivers, 1763
Compare: Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending, Charles Wesley

Music: Not Stated

Source: Lord Selborne, Roundell Palmer, Book of Praise. Second Edition. (Boston and Cambridge: Sever, Francis and Co., 1870), pp. 101-103.


Lo! He comes with clouds descending!
     Hark! the trump of God is blown,
And th' Archangel's voice attending
     Makes the high procession known:
          Sons of Adam!
Rise, and stand before your God!

Crowns and sceptres fall before Him,
     Kings and conquerors own His sway;
Haughtiest monarchs now adore Him,
     While they see His lightnings play:
          How triumphant
Is the world's Redeemer now!

Hear His voice, as mighty thunder
     Sounding in eternal roar,
While its echo rends in sunder
     Rocks and mountains, sea and shore:
          Hark! His accents
Through th' unfathomed deep resound!

"Come, Lord Jesus! O come quickly!"
     Oft has prayed the mourning Bride:
"Lo!" He answers, " I come quickly!"
     Who Thy coming may abide?
          All who loved Him,
All who long'd to see His day.

"Come," He saith, "ye heirs of glory;
     "Come, ye purchase of my blood;
"Claim the Kingdom now before you,
     "Rise, and fill the mount of God,
          "Fix'd for ever
"Where the Lamb on Sion stands."

See! ten thousand burning seraphs
     From their thrones as lightnings fly;
"Take," they cry, " your seats above us,
     Nearest Him that rules the sky!"
          Patient sufferers,
How rewarded are ye now!

Now their trials all are ended:
     Now the dubious warfare's o'er;
Joy no more with sorrow blended,
     They shall sigh and weep no more;
          God for ever
Wipes the tear from every eye.

Through His passion all victorious
     Now they drink immortal wine;
In Emmanuel's likeness glorious
     As the firmament they shine,
          Shine for ever,
With the bright and morning Star.

Shout aloud, ye ethereal choirs!
     Triumph in Jehovah's praise!
Kindle all your heavenly fires,
     All your palms of victory raise!
          Shout His conquests,
Shout salvation to the Lamb!

In full triumph see them marching
     Through the gates of massy light,
While the City walls are sparkling
     With meridian glory bright;
          O how lovely
Are the dwellings of the Lamb!

Hosts angelic all adore Him
     Circling round His orient seat;
Elders cast their crowns before Him,
     Fall and worship at His feet;
          O how holy
And how reverend is Thy Name!

Hail, Thou Alpha and Omega!
     First and Last, of all alone!
He that is, and was, and shall be,
     And beside whom there is none!
          Take the Glory,
Great Eternal Three in One!

Note from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1892), p. 247:

Come, Immortal King of Glory. T. Olivers. [Advent—Judgment.] One form of this hymn, in 20 stanzas of 6 I. was published by [Oliver] as a pamphlet, and printed by Griffith Wright, at Leeds, but undated. A second form in 36 stanzas, with parallel Scripture references, was printed at Bristol, and dated 1763. The two forms were reprinted bv D. Sedgwick in his reprint of Olivers's Hymn's, 1868.

Two centos lave been compiled from the second form of the hymn as follows:—

1. Come, Lord Jesus. 0 come quickly. This is No. 336 in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, and is composed of stanzas 9, 20, 21, 29, 32, and 35.

2. Lo ! He comes with clouds descending ! Hark ! the trump, &c. This was given in Lord Selborne's Book of Praise, 1862, and is composed of st. 4, 5, 7, 9, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 29, 32, 35.

These centos are usually dated 1757. This date is uncertain with regard to the first form of the hymn, and certainly wrong as applied to the second form, from which they are taken. [W. T. B.]

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