The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lift Up Your Songs, Ye Angel-Choirs

The Two Thrones

A Communion Hymn For Second Advent

Words: William Chatterton Dix (1837-1865)

Music: Not Stated

Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., Altar Songs - Verses On The Holy Eucharist. Second Edition, Enlarged. (London: John Hodges, 1868), Hymn #26, pp. 25-27.

1. Lift up your songs, ye angel-choirs,
    Lift up your heads, ye golden gates ;
Before your jewelled portals, lo !
    The King and Lord of Glory waits :
His Robes are dyed with royal hues,
    A purple glow proclaims the fight;
Jesus has won the world to God,
    And triumphed by His Princely might.

2. Hark ! Heaven’s enraptured chorus swells
    To welcome back the Eternal Son ;
While every glittering Wound shows forth
    At what a cost the strife was won.
Hail ! Jesus, our ascended King;
    Hail ! Son of Mary, Son of God;
No mind can e’er conceive Thy state,
    No tongue can publish it abroad.

3. At God’s Right Hand Thou dost abide,
    The sea of glass before Thee spread,
And like unto an emerald,
    The rainbow round about Thy Head,
Yet, wondrous thought, while Jesus there,
    With God the Father intercedes,
The Victim in the bloodless Rite
    On earth’s ten thousand Altars bleeds.

4. Oft as the high mysterious Words
    Are duly breathed o’er bread and wine,
Jesus, the God Incarnate comes
    And seeks His holy Altar shrine —
A mystery too deep for speech ;
    The starry Heavens their Lord restore,
And wondering angels hover near,
    While loving, trembling hearts adore.

5. No longer led by shadowy type
    We grope our way to Love’s abode,
The Cross marks out the narrow path,
    Thy glorious Wounds light up the road :
E’en now the eye of Faith upturned
    Beholds the golden robe of light,
Which wrapt Thee round when on the Mount,
    Which veils Thee still from mortal’s sight.

6. Ah ! if no outward sign be near,
    Yet we can kneel and worship Thee;
Each Altar is a Glory-Throne
    Where Thou for love of us wilt be :
Thus throned in Heaven and throned on earth
    We worship Thee the Victor dread:
Thou Who the Heaven of Heavens dost fill
    Abide with us, O Living Bread.

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