The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lestenyt, Lordynges, Bothe Elde and 捭nge

For Christmas

Words and Music: English Traditional

Source: Thomas Wright, Songs and Carols from a Manuscript in the British Museum of the Fifteenth Century (London: Printed by Richards for The Warton Club, 1856), Song Number XIII, pp. 16-18.
Also occurs in
Wright, ed., Songs and Carols Printed From A Manuscript in the Sloane Collection in the British Museum Preface signed Thomas Wright. (London: William Pickering, 1836), No. V.

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Of a rose, a lovely rose,
Of a rose is al myn song.

Lestenyt, lordynges, bothe elde and 造nge,
How this rose began to sprynge ;
Swych a rose to myn lykynge
In al this word ne knowe I non.

The aungil cam fro hevene tour,
To grete Marye with gret honour,
And seyde sche xuld bere the flour,
That xulde breke the fyndes bond.

The flour sprong in heye Bedlem,
That is bothe bry速 and schen ;
The rose is Mary hevene qwyn,
Out of here bosum the blosme sprong.

The ferste braunche is ful of my速,
That sprong on Cyrstemesse ny速 ;
The sterre schon over Bedlem bry速,
That is bothe brod and long.

The secunde braunche sprong to helle,
The fendys power doun to felle ;
Therin my速 non sowle dw[e]lle ;
Blyssid be the tyme the rose sprong.

The thredde branche is good and swote,
It sp[r]ang to hevene crop and rote,
Therin to dwellyn and ben our bote ;
Every day it schewit in prystes hond.

Prey we to here with gret honour,
Che that bar the blyssid flowr,
Che be our helpe and our socour,
And schyd us fro the fyndes bond.

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