The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Words and Music: Sung by Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Coates at Flag Pond, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1916
Hexatonic. Mode I. b.1
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Compare: Dives and Lazarus

Source: Maud Karpeles, ed., English Folk Songs From The Southern Appalachians Collected by Cecil Sharp, Vol. 2 (London: Oxford University Press / Humphrey Milford, 1932), #84, A, p. 29

1. There was a man in ancient times,
The Scriptures doth inform us,
Whose pomp and grandeur and whose crimes
Was great and very num'rous.
This rich man fared sumptuously each day
And was dressed in purple fine linen.
He eat and drink, but scorned to pray,
And spent his day in sinning.

2. This poor man lay at the rich man's gate,
To help himself unable,
And there he lay to humbly wait
For the crumbs from his rich table.
But not one crumb would this happy cure (epicure)
Ever aye protend to send him.
The dogs took pity and licked his sores,
More ready to befriend him.

3. This poor man died at the rich man's gate,
Where angel bands attended;
Straightway to Abraham's bosom flown,
Where all his sorrows ended.
This rich man died and was buried too,
But O, his dreadful station;
With Abraham and Lazarus both in view
He landed in damnation.

4. He cried: O father Abraham,
Send Lazarus with cold water,
For I'm tormented in these flames
With these tormenting tortures.
Says Abraham: Son, remember well,
You once did God inherit,
But now at last your doom's in hell
Because you would not cherish.
Go where you cannot now enjoy,
Which augments your damnation;
Besides there is a gulf between
Prevents communication.

Note from Text:

1. If G be tonic: -- Mode 3. b. Return

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Additional musical setting sung by Mrs. Laura Beckett at St. Peter's School, Callaway, Va., August 16, 1918 (Hexatonic (no 7th) (Tonic G).
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