The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Last of Days Will Come Indeed

For Advent

Words: “Wach auf, wach auf, du sichre Welt”

Author: Johann Rist, 1607-1667

Translation by Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1841

Source: Frances Elizabeth Cox, Sacred Hymns from the German (London: William Pickering, 1841), p. 9

Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.
Eph. 5:14

1. The last of days will come indeed,
Awake! thou careless world, awake thee!
'Twill come, for so has Heaven decreed;
To prayer and watchfulness betake thee:
'Twill come, for what our Lord hath spoken
Shall stand, although it long delay;
Though heaven and earth shall pass away,
Our Saviour's word shall not be broken.

2. The Lord to judgment comes, awake!
Arrayed in majesty transcendent;
Accursed sinners groan and quake,
Awed by his countenance resplendent:
Behold Him now, behold and wonder!
At God's right hand He leaves his seat,
Where worlds were placed beneath his feet,
He comes with lightning, fire, and thunder.

3. How soon the last of days will dawn!
Awake! thou careless world, awake thee!
Who knows how soon the glorious morn
Of that dread day will overtake thee?
No more let earth's vain baubles please thee;
As birds, of danger unaware,
Are caught within the fowler's snare,
E'en so the last of days will seize thee.

4. The last of days the Lord delays,
Because of that great love He bears us;
That men may turn and mend their ways,
In tender mercy thus He spares us:
He gently deals with those He loveth,
As if He long retards the day,
To call them from the world away,
Their faith, and hope, and love He proveth.


Also occurs in the second, revised edition of this work, Hymns from the German (1864), p. 31, without change.

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