The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Last Night I Lay A-sleeping

For Christmas

Version 5

 Last Night As I Lay Sleeping

Last Night I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Last Night I Lay A-sleeping

The Angels Song (Version 2 of Last Night As I Lay Sleeping)
 The Boy's Dream ("Last night as I was laid and slept")

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Guardian Angels

Words: Rewritten by P. Kirby

Music: Edgar Pettman

Source: Edgar Pettman, ed., The Westminster Carol Book (London: Houghton & Co., 1899), Carol No. 3, p. 6.

1. Last night I lay a sleeping,
When all my pray'rs were said,
A guardian angel keeping
His watch about my head.
I heard his sweet voice caroling
Full softly on mine ear,
A song for Christian men to sing,
For Christian men to hear.

2. Thy body rest in slumber,
Thy soul be free from sin,
The angel near thee undefiled
Breathes holy thoughts within.
The Festal Season now is night
That hails a Saviour's birth.
All glory be to God on High,
And Peace to men in earth.

3. The Angel and the Heavenly Host
Were keeping watch of old,
They saw the herdmen with their flock,
The sheep within the fold;
They told them in a joyous song
The tidings of the Birth.
All glory, &c.

4. The Father's will must needs be done,
In patience long and meek;
He years for every wandering soul,
And sent for them to seek.
He came now down in Royal estate,
But lowly at His birth.
All glory, &c.

5. Then may we all, like Him, be meek,
And share His wondrous love,
And strive to win the golden crown,
That waits for all above.
Then praise the Lord, our infant King,
And sing His wondrous birth.
All glory, &c.


Sheet Music from Edgar Pettman, ed., The Westminster Carol Book (London: Houghton & Co., 1899), Carol No. 3, p. 6.

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